About Us

The Great Lakes Courier is the gift of Northern Ohio businesses and members of the biking tribe to our fellow members and businesses. The core group that started this has over 100 years biking history logging hundreds of miles a day. Our volunteer staff contains not just many of the movers and shakers of the biking community all over the Northern Ohio, but bikers and riders of every description. You have seen them in mass rides, musical events, civic discussions of biking, and even in government offices making rules and regulations for our tribe.

What makes this project so unique is that we are all bikers, some hard core, some weekend riders, some just use for transportations, other for exercise. Some are committed to the lifestyle like couriers, racers others pull their bike out once in awhile. No matter there are all members of the biking tribe.

What also makes us different is our goal/mission; to help this biking tribe know itself better than any group has before. The way in which we will accomplish this goal is to engage all bikers and businesses in the project. Tell us the stories we need to hear, so that we may write them and get them out, or better still, write the story yourself and send it in.

We will also be looking at some of the tough social/urban issues and ways to work with them or around them. We will search our on-line Bike Corral (forum) for story ideas and thoughts that need to be explored, energize the discussion, cover it in the paper, then take it back to the roundtable for further discussion, and action. Many GLC members are active in politics, schools business, entertainment, and just plain active.

Finally, we hope that the Great Lakes Courier becomes the area's best source for news, schedules activities, and announcements. If you know of an event, drop us a line: we would be happy to cover it, From bike meetings to mass rides, from age 3 to 100+, from business openings to political races that matter to bikers, you will find it, or space for it here at the Great Lakes Courier

Michael Gill
Erika Durham
Frances Killea
And hundreds of volunteers with more jumping in everyday.