Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes: Chalice Held Ransom by PGH for 150,000 Miles

On Critical Mass or your daily commute, make sure all your miles count in the National Bike Challenge.

We still have 30 days left in the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes and Pittsburgh is already preparing to celebrate. Case and point: Our friends in PGH have taken the official Rust Crown Chalice, built by our very own RustBelt Welding, ransom. They said if Cleveland wants it back we need to log 150,000 miles in the month of September in the National Bike Challenge.

CLEVELAND! Lets step up to the challenge and show Pittsburgh that we are the biking capital of the rust belt. We can do this. In just one month we have gained ground, instead of being down by 50,000 miles--as we were one month ago-- we are only down by 22,000 as Great Lakes Courier goes to press.

Logging your miles isn’t just about bragging rights, you can win great prizes, including a Trek Bike or a year's worth of toilet paper from Scott Brand. And who wouldn’t want that? Plus Shelli Snyder, the Cleveland Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes queen, has said that if Cleveland loses she is going to put Pittsburgh Steelers spoke cards in every bike she sees. 

Here is how the Challenge works: Any mile you ride or have ridden since May 1st 2013 needs to be logged at So look back at your gps or calendar and be sure you have logged every mile. Done that? Alright now tell all your friends to do the same.

Here's a strategic tip: remember that the contest is designed to motivate you to get on your bike every day, so you get twenty points just for riding that first mile. But in order to get that daily bonus, you need to log the miles individually for each day you have ridden.

Looking for an opportunity to log some miles? Visit and check Septembers upcoming rides.

Log, log, log and don’t forget to keep up to date on the #RustCrown Battle of the Bikes at

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 8:34 PM, 09.04.2013