A website for cyclists

Bike Cleveland’s website recently received an overhaul with the generous support of Cleveland GiveCamp. Taking only one weekend the team of local developers were able to give the site new life and new features that will help the whole biking community. Here is an outline of some of the new features:

Stolen Bike and Crash Reporting: Cyclists can now self report crashes and stolen bikes. This will allow Bike Cleveland the opportunity to keep real time data of hot spots and advocate for improvements or police action in those locations. So go ahead and log, it will help make your biking experience better.

Petitions and Group Emails: To help advance our advocacy efforts, like more bike lanes and policies that make Cleveland more bike-friendly, we now can host petitions and group emails that get sent directly to civic leaders expressing the desires of the cycling community. For them to be effective we need you to fill them out when we have calls to action.

Bike Forums: A new way to advance conversations among the cycling community, the Bike Forums are a great way to meet new cyclists, post bikes and parts for sale or even share your favorite ride around Cleveland. Just post a topic and invite your friends.

Volunteer Recruitment: Individuals can now sign-up to volunteer for local events and to help out with Bike Cleveland, whether you want to help in the office, lead a ride or become a bike mentor.

Resources for Individuals, Communities and Businesses: The website now includes specific information for local businesses and communities that will help them become more bike-friendly, including model policies, local bike rack manufacturers and more. There are also expanded resources for individuals about education, local bike clubs and info on advocating for more infrastructure in your own community.

Thanks again to the volunteers at GiveCamp for their support and help. Come visit the new site at and don’t be afraid to spend some time looking at everything it has to offer.

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 5:02 PM, 07.30.2013