A Lake Erie Odyssey… part II

(click photo to enlarge)

  • my bike setup in island exploration mode just outside the Pelee Township campground...
  • same Pelee lighthouse photo I submitted previously with the first incarnation of part II
  • same pic previously uploaded of my toes looking out on Lake Erie from the northeastern shore near the lighthouse.
  • The sign next to the monument reads "STONEMAN: A Stone Testament to Island Perserverance" A sculpture designed and donated by Pete Letkeman and named by the students of Pelee Island Public School (2000).
  • The full moon shining down on Lake Erie as seen from the shoreline at Wheatley Provincial Park.
  • The pebble sand beach in the morning along Wheatley Provincial Park.
  • my campsite at Wheatley Provincial Park the morning after the raccoon invasion.
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