#RustCrown - And You Can DRINK From It!

PGH stats as of June 20

I know. I KNOW. Our numbers are down. Yes. I know.
As I am writing this, the stats are as follows:

{insert the PGH stats pic here}


 {insert the CLE stats pic here}

(see side by side stats at www.rustcrown.org & join in the conversation on Facebook!) 

So…if one just glances at the number they will see that PGH has almost 300 more riders than we do. That's Three Hundred!*

They also have logged 45600 more miles than us. What? (on a side note, it appears that those riders in PGH are also slimmer than your average CLE rider, based on calories burned. But we all know that we look better in spandex, right?)

But whoa, hold on a hot (pants) minute! Take. A. Step. Back. 

Ok. So maybe they do have more riders that are logging. Ok. That just means they like to play with their phones more, right? And instead of playing with our phones, we are riding! So? What we have, is more miles per rider.  Yup. 

Take the numbers and do a little arithmetic and you will find that the Yinzers average about 183 miles per rider. Clevelanders? We average 192 miles per rider! Yes! Hey, every little victory counts! So let’s be happy with those numbers here for a second. We got that in the bucket!

And, oh, getting back to that whole “looking good in spandex” thing (or…well, Hipster jeans. Whatever floats your two wheeled boat). The Stillers lovers have only burned a total of 4140 calories each. Compare this to the 6 extra calories each of our riders have burned, and you'll see that we have earned ourselves 41 more beers!  Split between 1041 of us, but whatever.

And those beers will NOT be Iron City, thank you very much. 

Speaking of beer, have you seen the reward? Yes…yes. #RustCrown has a sweet prize. A beautiful trophy created by the super rad talented crew at Rustbelt Welding: The RustCrown Chalice! Sure, you can wear it on your head, but flip it over, and you can savor the sweet taste of victory! A whole pint full of victory for that matter!

BUT ... Is Cleveland going to be able to wrap their lips around this bad boy? 

Not if we don’t log. 

The sad fact is, we are behind, kids. Even if our behinds are burning 6 more calories than the average Primanti Bros Eatin’ Pedal Pusher…we are behind.  What can we do to get folks to log? Online outlets are there: www.facebook.com/rustcrown | www.rustcrown.org | #rustcrown for both teams ... And here in CLE, we have held super spiffy demo sessions. We have made AWESOME spoke cards (needs some? Find your favorite Bike Cleveland Executive Director). We have even gone to enemy territory to strategically plant articles of Cleveland pride. But? It all boils down to: LOGGING. And getting more folks to log those miles.  

Even if you hate logging? Suck it up for the love of CLE. Let's do this bike peeps! Let's show the nation that our region will win the battle! 

Do it. Or I will stick a Steelers spoke card in your wheel.

*Note: The winners of the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes will be based on overall points. Although this is not displayed as a region on the Endomondo site, both regions are working on extracting the overall points for reporting. Stay tuned on FB for updates on who’s ahead when it comes to points. Well. As soon as we can get that information out in a pretty webified manner anyhow. 

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