Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes: One Month Review

The rules are simple

The rules are simple: 1. Sign up at 2. Ride your bike. 3. Log your miles. 4. Win prizes and BEAT PITTSBURGH.

So why is it that we are so far behind?

There are many who think this is just fun and games. But it's really not. You know that, right? This is big folks. Big. I mean, we have national coverage on this Battle (go on, Google it. You will see!)…and right now? Pittsburgh is showing the nation that they are better than us at biking. That is unacceptable.

Second? We have a crown at stake. A crown! Rustbelt Welding is sponsoring this Battle and hooking us up with a fantastic work of art to call our own. However, right now? Pgh is going to be wearing that puppy if we don’t do something about it. Right. Now. 

A few postings from the CLE landing page of the challenge:

Darin Hintz: Friday at 13:49
“I just checked out the Pittsburgh stats on their Endomondo site. They have like 10 Marty McParty's to our 1 and the top 10 Pittsburgh teams have at least 6,900 points. What do we need to do to start kicking some ass?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”   

I did some math (first time in years) and our top ten at 10:46pm Friday evening had 8,019 points compared to Schlitzburghs 7,729. So our front page is almost 300 miles ahead of theirs!!!” Says Marty McParty: Friday at 22:45.But we are down riders.  Let’s do this Clevelanders!!! It's a 5 month challenge, we have plenty of time. Let’s be the tortoise to their hare!!!”

You realize that you can sign up anytime through 9/30, right? Sure, if you sign up on the last day, you will have to go all the way back and log each day, but that’s ok. Just grab yerself a 6 pack, settle down in front of the computer and start some number punchin’. You also realize that you get 20 Extra Points per day (of non-race riding) plus a point for every mile for all riding, right? And…OH. Yah…all of greater Cleveland counts towards the goal of keeping the Rust Crown in our region. (So it’s ok if you live in Bay. Your points count.)

So why aren’t people logging? I have heard so many excuses: Let’s look at a few, shall we?

Excuse: I use Garmin, and I don’t want to use Endomondo’s app. 
Solution: Did you know that Garmin uploads to Endomondo? No need to use the App at all! Details here:

Excuse: I don’t have a smartphone / don’t like using the Endomondo app.
Solution: Then don’t use it. I don’t. But you have to enter the miles on Endomondo’s site at the very least. I just take a little peek at my trustee cyclometer and head to and click the big ole “LOG MILES” button once a day.

Heck, you can do it once a week if you want! (Just be sure to log each day separately to get yer 20 points per day of transportation!)

Excuse: I didn’t sign up yet.
Solution: That’s ok. You have all the way up through…well…the END to do so. But you will miss out on the monthly prize drawings from the League if you do that!

Excuse: I don’t have a team to join.
Solution: You don’t need one. Or if you really wanna be part of a team, you can create one! In fact, all of you folks who are part of bike clubs/race teams/meet ups/weekly group ride crews…why aren’t you all logging that awesomeness? Perfect way to get your team involved! (hint)

Excuse: I just hate entering that stuff. I ride my bike and could care less about the miles.
Solution: Suck it up and help us beat Pittsburgh! I mean, come on! It’s only for 5 little months. Take one for the team!

To help those who are Endomondo-ly challenged and/or need a little boost, Bike Cleveland will be holding their next social in June which will feature the National Bike Challenge and help to get folks acclimated to Endomondo & excited to kick Pittsburgh’s behind! Strategies. Plots. Plans. Heck. We can even have em go through it all step by step. You name it! It will be like a pep rally for bikes – minus the cartwheeling cheerleaders. (Date TBA so keep an eye out on their Facebook site AND sign up for their mailing list if you haven’t yet!)

So be sure to be there … because not only will it be a great kick off to this year’s Bike Cleveland Socials & help get the Pittsburgh-beating adrenaline flowing, but they will also have some way cool Rust Belt Battle spoke cards available! And you wanna show yer pride, don’t you?

So folks....there are no excuses! Let's take em down! But remember? We need to keep an eye on the enemy. They can be sneaky. Wanna see how we are doing? Side by side comparison links:



Now. Do the following. 1. Sign up at 2. Ride your bike. 3. Log your miles. 4. Win prizes and BEAT PITTSBURGH.

Otherwise, I will stick a Steelers spoke card in your wheel.

Shelli Snyder

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 9:40 AM, 06.02.2013