2013: Pittsburgh Defeats Cleveland Again! - Or will they? STOP THE INSANITY: Accept the CHALLENGE!

We will WIN.

So. Football to me is pretty much that game…where those dudes in tight pants run around pushing a small white ball with red laces. Down some ice. With a broom. And they aim for a basket so that they can score a field goal. Wait. Touch down. No…Wait. Whatever. BUT! Football is that game where Cleveland folks go BIZERK if you even mention the colors black & gold. (Or is it yellow?). Cleveland Brown’s fans *HEART* the Steelers. Right?

My point is, I don’t really know jack about football (nor do I really give a crap about football) but I do know this: Cleveland folks will do ANYTHING when it comes to beating Pittsburgh. And that, I care about.
Let’s bring this to a subject I do know (and LOVE) shall we?


What better way to show Cleveland’s deep rooted desire to dominate over Pittsburgh than to cream some PennsylTucky Behinds in the National Bike Challenge?

You see, last year, Pittsburgh had like…WAY MORE RIDERS than CLE. What? PEOPLE. How did yinz let this happen? There should be over triple the amount of folks who ride here in Cleveland. I mean, COME ON! We don’t even have HILLS! 

I know you are out there. You bike riding addict you. I know you exist. Why you did not sign up for the National Bike Challenge last year, I do not know. But now that we are waging war on Pittsburgh, you are expected to represent and fight for the Cleveland region…Your region.

Currently, Cleveland is something like 400th place (mind you this is mid-April)…But the Challenge starts May 1! 

And also, mind you, those are the just stats for Cleveland…if you consider the region, we gain a few places. But details aside…Pittsburgh is currently at 142. WHOA.

Cleveland. What are you doing?

I know what you are doing. You are setting aside your paper right NOW and you are going to: http://bikecleveland.org/challenge/

And you are pressing join.

You are then riding your bike. A lot. To lots of places. And you are going to Endomondo and tracking all of this good, juicy, Burgh-butt-beatin’ riding. You are posting “love” notes to PGH on NationalBikeChallenge.org. You are posting high fives and dares and encouragements to CLE on the local message boards for NBC. You are bringing that extra bike to work so your colleague stops driving 2 blocks to Chipotle for lunch. You are sending bike love to folks across Facebook and demanding that they join in the challenge too. You are putting cyclometers on your kid’s tricycle. You are teaching the dog to ride a fixie. You are showing your Cleveland Pride by kicking some Pittsburgh behind.  

We have just 5 months to show the nation that Cleveland is superior to Pittsburgh when it comes to pedal love. Five months. But…you have to sign up now.


Or…I will stick a Steelers spoke card in your wheel.

Shelli Snyder

iHike | iBike I. Am.

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 3:46 PM, 05.01.2013