Village Bicycle Cooperative & Bike Lakewood Collaborate to Help Get Children Ready to Ride

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 6:00-8:00pm at Madison Park in Lakewood was the first “Ready to Ride” program which assists young people  to learn about bike safety, maintenance and promote biking as a healthy way of life.
This event was spearheaded by Lakewood residents, Tricia Gogol, Scott Gerbac, and Jennifer Smillie from Village Bicycle Cooperative (located in Bay Village), and in collaboration with Bike Lakewood, Mahall’s, and  Beck Center.  Donations included seven "upcycled" bicycles from Village Bicycle Cooperative; free tickets from Mahalls & The Beck;  safety sheets and stick-on reflectors from NOACA; and other organizations provided miniature first aid kits, sample chain lubricant, and  teddy grahams. Also important to note were the 15 people that volunteered their time to help make this event such a success... without them this would not have happened!!
There were over thirty children interested in the bike raffle and they waited eagerly for the 7:00 p.m. drawing.  The smiles and giggles when a child won a bike was priceless.  One little guy, Jordan, did a dance and rode off with the biggest smile.  Approximately 27 children participated in bike maintenance and  learned some elements of how to fix their bikes and the tools associated with certain repairs.  The mechanics from the various organizations were patient, thorough and instructive as they helped the children repair their bikes.
Big thanks to all who participated and made the end of the summer special for some boys and girls in Lakewood.  There are plans for more “Ready to Ride” events in other communities.
By Donna & Gregg Wilson Village Bicycle Volunteers

Jennifer Smillie

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and teacher. Beyond that I am a bicycle enthusiast on a mission to form a bicycle cooperative in Bay Village to focus on education, advocacy, outreach, and sustainability. I have met a ton of great people along the way and hope to continue to do so!

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