Taco Meat: Ten weeks after riding out of Cleveland, a lone cyclist arrives in Oakland, California and writes home

Well, it's all said and done with. It has taken a couple o' days to really set in... I dont have to wake up and ride my bike 50-100 miles in the morning. It's quite a weird feeling. So I'm sittin' here in Oakland, CA at my good friend's apt. I've been sleeping and eating large portions of food for the last 4 days straight. Went to San Francisco a couple of days ago and rode across the Golden Gate bridge with a very cool guy i met named Dillon. I met him way back in Ohio on the 2nd day of the adventure. He was riding east to New York. He started in San Fran where he resides and rode north to Washington State, and from there continued east to New York. We exchanged phone numbers and he told me to give him a call when i complete my journey a mere 2 and a half months later. So i gave him a call and we met up and he gave the whole tour around the CRAZY CRAZY bustling city. Bike lanes on every city street, people walking and biking and driving in everywhich direction you could imagine. If I caught myself not paying attention for just a second i was 3 inches from crashing into someone. Crazy, but good crazy.

So i've been in Oakland mainly, which is also a crazy bustling city. It's entirely different than Cleveland in just about every way you could think of. Like I said, finishing and completeing this adventure has been the wierdest feeling. It took me 10 weeks to ride a bicycle from my home in Cleveland to here in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. I guess I can't really say I rode to San Francisco because I took the rapid across the bay from Oakland to "the City."

I very much enjoyed this expierence. Riding a bike for so long by yourself allows you to get into a deep meditation. It's a weird kind of meditation. After 5 weeks of riding (I think I was in Kansas at that point) I was getting so deep into my into my thoughts and feelings. Deeper than I'd ever been in my life. It was at that point in the trip when, for the first time in my life, I felt like just a Raw Human Being. It was at that point when I could think clearly and feel good and truly smile and just be. There was points in this trip when i felt completely liberal, free to do pretty much anything i wanted. It was early in the trip when i first felt that way. I was somewhere in Indiana or Illinois, inbetween two cornfields. I could go wherever I wanted. It was great.

If you have any interest in a cross-country bicycle trip... I highly suggest that you just do it. I prefer to do it alone because there is no compromise whatsoever. I didn't come across one person this entire time that hasn't been good to me. Most everyone was respectful and even some went out of their way to do whatever they could to help me. No one took the time to harm me in any way, and I really appreciated the good ol' American hospitality. To all my folks back in C-town, I miss you all and I'll be back soon enough with many o pictures and stories.


    thanks for reading . . . much love.

Francisco Molina

I am francisco. and i ride my bike around Cleveland E V E R Y D A Y!

Volume 1, Issue 7, Posted 7:31 PM, 11.30.2012