Locally Brewed Extravaganza

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I ride two sides of my bicycle these days. Infuriated and jubilant.

The 'rock dodge' that I learned in the League of American Cyclists' Traffic Skills 101 is a manifestation of those two sides.  It's the idea that you can control the whole bicycle from the seat; which is true, just like a kayak.

I've been fascinated with yin and yang for a long long while for it’s such a powerful thought that one cannot exist without the other. In fact, the presence of one makes the other stronger. It's a bit Jedi, a bit oxymoron, and a bit of holism. It's also a great view from that seat.

So, I had this idea to tie together two of the jubilant joys in my life, bicycling, brewing, and locally grown foods. I thought wouldn't it be nice to celebrate the Coit Road Market, one of the oldest year-round markets in Greater Cleveland (since 1932 ya'll)? Indeed, it would be. The Coit Road Market is in East Cleveland, a grand old place that many would prefer to forget, like Bombay Beach on California's Sulton Sea.  Alas, it does exist, people live their lives there daily. Some great people I might add.  And that's the thing about Greater Cleveland, so much greatness in the ordinary.

The gist is this; a dozen or so of Cleveland’s finest home-brewers will be offering their concocted libations for a small donation. Kevin, the Manager of the Coit Road Market will be cooking-up some delicious morsels made from food grown and raised in greater Greater Cleveland. The food will appeal to those who like bones and those who do not. It's all good, real real good.  By the way, East Cleveland has great bones; perhaps you ought consider making an investment?  If we are blessed, we will have some live music at this partay.  If we are cursed, there will be a torrential downpour. But you see, this is a locally brewed extravaganza, we are cyclists and thus the party will play on…..

As you may have guessed, the September ClevelandCriticalMass will transform into this mass extravaganza; at which point the party will begin.  That said, it may not officially be a party until the CriticalMass of cyclists, themselves critical to a more human-centered, localized economy for our dear city, arrive at the event.  So, if you are one of those people who like to arrive early, do be mindful of the aforementioned statement.  
Let me finish this piece using a quote to amplify my philosophy.  This may be hard to hear, so turn your hearing aids accordingly:

"Forget the damned motor car and build the cities for lovers and friends.”
-Lewis Mumford, American Sociologist, 1895-1990.

John McGovern

I chair STAT2019. I get around by walking and biking and sometimes the choo-choo. I am a proud member of bikeCleveland

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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:30 AM, 09.24.2012