Taking Us Back to the Future

Bike Lakewood president Erika Durham (left), Root Cafe proprietor Julie Hutchison, Mayor Mike Summers, councilman Tom Bullock, and Julie's children celebrate the ribbon cutting of the new bike corral.

It’s as if it’s always been there. 

The bright yellow beacon of our cycling future situated outside of the Root cafe fits 8 -10 bicycles. This is an amazing upgrade because the corral was installed on the street, utilizing an area big enough to contain only one car. This is a more compact and environmentally friendly way to use the space. As a community, Lakewood is extremely bike-friendly and as Tom Bullock stated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 18th 2012, “the city is finally catching up”.

The very same day 15 other bike racks were installed at various points along Detroit Avenue. This is all part of the city’s ‘Bike Lakewood Master Plan’. It was extremely fitting that the largest capacity corral was installed outside of one of Lakewood’s most health-commited businesses. The Root cafe strives to be made with love for every person to share. It is a vegan and vegetarian, organic kitchen, an organic bakery, an espresso bar featuring Rising Star Coffee, Asian teas and herbal tisanes. It is a community clubhouse with local food, art, music and amazing events.  Eating well with your community is good health!

One of the most popular weekly features is Wednesday Bike Night, attracting a wide array of like-minded holistic cyclists who can take advantage of advertised specials on food and bottled beverages. But that isn’t the most important part for most cyclists.  Avid cyclists and novices like to ride to the Root café to enjoy a holistically made meal; supporting happier, healthier places to eat without the ‘Happy Meals’.

The new corral allows for the high volume of riders to park safely and easily and feel like their community is supporting them in this healthy choice.

So rock on Julie and Bobby (of the Root cafe) and all the cyclists in Lakewood! Keep the movement going forward  - on 2 wheels, that is!

A special thank you from all the cyclists in Lakewood to all those at Bike Lakewood, especially Mayor Michael P. Summers, Director Dru Siley  and Intern Planners Nick Workman and Bryce Sylvester,

For more information on the Master Bike Plan

For more information about the Root café


Julia Toke

Culture Coordinator All things Culture in the world of The Root Cafe. Coordinating the presentation of Great Local Art, Great Independent Music, all with fantastic timing and lighting.

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