Fantastic Cleveland Tweed Ride

The weather was positively British Saturday, April 27, but as the ride got underway, the skies ran out of water, and a dapper pack of wheelers toured the city, ending the day at the Happy Dog for beer, fine food, and socializing.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Every available fence was used as a bike rack at the Fantastic Cleveland Tweed Ride
  • The tall bikes arrive . . .
  • It's rather a long way down . . .
  • Arriving cyclists secure their trusty mounts

  • A teepee of tall bikes outside the Happy Dog
  • The votes were cast . . .
  • It was a nattily attired crowd.
  • Cyclist Jerry Layne, sporting a stylish mustache

  • With bike parking at a premium, the wheelers resorted to the "high lock" technique
  • The dapper GLC contributor Paul Marasco strikes a pose with his daughter.
  • In classic, dignified style
  • Joy Machines proprietor Alex Nosse got a front row seat
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