Lakewood Criterium 2012 Part 2

Photos from the 2012 Lakewood Criterium. Part 2 of 2. All photos are the property of the Great Lakes Courier, published by Human Tribe Publications, Inc. ©2012 Photos by Jim O'Bryan

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  • This is a quick bend on Edanola coming off one of the trickest corners, and leading to the long downhill. Edanola is a great Lakewood side street that is always alive with front yard and porch parties for the event.

  • Cow bells and cheers!
  • Some just take it in on their own.
  • Or with friends and pets.
  • This is the little kink right after the right in front of Black Bird Bakery.
  • And then I am invited up to a porch for a glass of beer, and some cheeering!
  • Suddenly Erika Durham, an editor at the Great Lakes Courier, President of Bike Lakewood, one of the owners of Rising Star Coffee, and beer afficianado peddles by on her tall bike.

  • "Kiley" check it outs and wants to ride it!
  • OK, watch carefully it's easy. Just like this...
  • Erika built this bike, including all of the welding. This girl does it all.
  • Ok, your turn.
  • And he is off.
  • After the fast turn on the course is the turn onto Sloane followed by the Edanola Kink.

  • By this time the shadows were getting long and dark.

  • Except for this short stretch where the sun was right in their eyes.

  • Which takes us back to the fastest bend on the track and a walk back to the start finish line.

  • It was getting dark. Time to adjust shooting speed!
  • Hey it's Ryan Krivosh.
  • The crowd had been cheering all day from the West End Tavern.

  • Winning!
  • The announcer Brent Evans who is a racer himself, did a great job all day on the microphone. Here he is speaking with the winner of the Final race.

  • The Anderson famiy. David is Lakewood Ward 1 Councilman, and this race is in Ward 1 and he loves the race and the exposure for the best ward in Lakewood.
  • Back to the West End Tavern for dinner and a drink with friends.
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