GLC Delivered In Mass By Bikes. 1,000 Copies From The Root Cafe in Lakewood To Richfield Sweet Corn Ride.

One of the many dreams Michael Gill, editor of the Great Lakes Courier, is to see the skids of papers come into the office, and watch them fly out in caravans of "bike trucks" to the far reaches of the county. July 12, Mike with the help of Mike from Broadway Cyclery, using two of their Surly bikes, they delivered 1,000 Great Lakes Couriers to Sue Serdinak, organizer of Richfield's Sweet Corn Ride.

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  • The gang starts to assemble at The Root Cafe in Lakewood.

  • A quick stop for some carbs and Rising Star brand coffee.

  • Pne of the Surly brand bikes to be used on the trip.

  • The Surly being demonstrated. This rider was not making the journey, but rode the Surly over to the Root with his bike in the sid comparment. Pretty impressive.

  • Off they go, next stop Great Lakes Courier's Lakewood office for papers.

  • At the side entrance to Rozi's Wine shop we bring out over 1,000 Great Lakes Couriers to bike/truck to Richfield for the Sweet Corn Ride.

  • Mike Hulett from Broadway Cyclery which bought the Surly bike trucks with him, shows off the extended bike, geared for heavy loads, that he sells and customizes for you at Brodway Cyclery.

  • It was decided that the ride would be Metro Parks to Broaview than turn right and ride into Richfield.

  • "No need for a Buick today Steve."


  • Three bikes, and over 1,000 papers, and compared to the car next to them. This is why we all have to be vigilants when on the road.

  • Finally down the Detroit Road entrance into Metro Parks and the Emerald Canyon one of the most relaxing rides in the county.

  • Flying down the banked turn by Big Met Golf Course. This turn is fun in a car, on a bike it is wonderful.

  • Across one of the many fords that go across the Rocky River.

  • Up out of Emerald Canyon and into the sweeping turns of Berea and the Walllace Lake area.

  • You just cannot imagine how peaceful the ride is. lush emerald green tunnels of vegitation that open to sheer cliffs, running water and rapids, wonderful marshes filled with wildlife, people fishing, riding horse, golfing, and enjoying life.

  • While the park actually seems to flatten out here, the fact is, it has been steadily climbing since they left and entered the canyon.

  • They started at an elevation of 676' above sea level, they dropped to 376', and now they when they encounter a down graded it only means a steeper upgrade is coming as the climb to over 1,370' in 37 miles.

  • And so the road goes.

  • All the while carrying 1,000 Great Lakes Couriers to Richfield.

  • It was just prior to this photo that Mike from Broadway Cyclery had shown us that his front tire was no longer spinning freely. This is similar to a breaking dragging or locking up in a car. The amount of effort needed to move the bike was increased maybe by 75% or more. "Mike, you want to stop and fix it?" "Naw, let's push on, will take care of it when we get there." Mike and Mike are animals.

  • It was about this point, I had told them, it is all downhill from here. Not realizing I had turned the wrong way. They climbed the hill to Broadview...

  • Where we found this sign!

  • Mike with the dragging brakes said, "Let's go!"

  • Mike from the Great Lakes Courier, knows a great photo op when he sees one.

  • Then off to catch up with Mike from Broadway Cuclery with the draggin brake that had pulled out an easy mile on us.

  • Going down the long hill which Mike (Broadway Cyclery) could not coast on, lead to more hills.

  • Yet they solderied on.

  • Until they finally passed into Richfield.

  • Where Sue Serdinak was waiting to join up for the rest of the ride to the Tavern of Richfield for lunch, and her office.

  • After a couple quick hills in succession we arrive at the highest point in Summit County.

  • Then finally the Tavern of Richfield.

  • Where we enjoyed some of the food, drink, and great conversation.

  • Then off through downtown Richfield to Sue's offices.

  • Where the delivery was made.

  • Michael Gill editor of the Great Lakes Courier was so proud. This was one of his mountains to climb, as since day one he had envisioned the biking community, growing together and making bike trucjing a reality. At least for this project.

  • As we get ready to go off in different directions, Mike smiles and says, "Maybe I'll bring back 100lbs of sweet corn for the farmers market tomorrow. No sense dead heading back empty, and I think I'll take the long way home on the Tow Path."

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