Bike The Beck

Photos from the first Bike the Beck, 05.19.2012. What a nice fun low key event for riders and lovers of the arts. Great work Beck Canter. All photos are the property of the Great Lakes Courier. 2012

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  • As I biked around the corner a crowd was gathered
  • Mayor Michael P. Summers was giving a special proclamation for the art, and the work the Beck, Beck Cafe, Paul Sykes, Cindy Einhouse and all of their minions do for Lakewood.
  • Then Paul spoke for about ten pages.
  • Then someone from Congressman Kucinich's office, handed them more wall paper.
  • Magic was everywhere. Here hard-core conservative Bill Call, speaks with liberal councilman Thomas Bullock while his special lady friend looks on. A true Kumbaya moment.
  • Cool Cleveland's Thomas Mulready was talking with Scott Spence and Kathy Caffery from the Beck Center.
  • Inside the Beck was Gelato from Sweet Spot, and bike displays. But it was such a nice day outside.
  • Mayor Summers with Geoff Pelia and Jerry Schmidt from Branches Gallery.
  • Lakewood Public Library Director James Crawford, with his friends Julie and Grace Cowan.
  • HEY! Is that Mayor Mike Summers in a drum circle?!
  • You bet, having a blast.
  • Holly Lauch with Fran Storch of the Beck Center and friends and interns!
  • Mary Anne and Byron Crampton check out the sidewalk art sale.
  • It did look great amazing driving by on the bus. You would certainly think hey this is a cool city, maybe this is my new stop in life. For real!
  • Curt Brosky shares a table with Lucinda Einhouse, president and director of the Beck Center.
  • Great Lakes Courier's editor Michael Gill.
  • Fireside was playing great songs from the 70s.
  • Fireside with David McCallum belting out a couple tunes.
  • Jim checks out some of the displays.
  • Sophie and Erika Durham at the Bike Lakewood table. Besides being the Asst. Editor at The Great Lakes Courier, Erika is the president of Bike Lakewood.
  • Michael explains to Erika, something I am sure.
  • Then throws on his helmet and is off!
  • Later in the afternoon the Revolution Jazz Band hit the stage and tore it up.
  • People kicking back all afternoon.
  • Dad dancing with his daughter.
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